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December 1, 2017

Gantry 5 - Drag & Drop Layout Manager

Gantry 5's layout manager benefits from a drag and drop interface, providing an easy mechanism for adding, removing, configuring, moving and re-sizing positions and particles. There are no restrictions to the number of positions you can have, and are truly unlimited.

Read more about using Gantry 5 Layout Manager

RcaTheme Layout

layout manager


Section Styles

All above sections are customizable with background color, background image, heading color and font color using inbuilt options.

section styles min

December 1, 2017

Gantry 5 - Drag & Drop Menu Editor

Gantry 5 features an advanced and user friendly Menu Editor, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily add elements, such as in-line particles, managing columns etc.

The Menu Editor administrative panel takes what your CMS' built-in Menu Manager has and enables you to override it. Changes you make in this panel do not in any way affect the way the CMS handles Menu items.

Read more about how to use menu editor.


menu editor min


December 1, 2017

RcaTheme Elements is a Gantry 5 Atom by using this enables you to load JS and styles only what you need. So it makes sure you don't have extra features codes which you're not using.

rcatheme elements

December 1, 2017

Particles are basically like Joomla modules. They are blocks of content that are configured on the back end. It's easy to build layouts with particles without coding.

Read more about Gantry 5 particles

See Particles tab above to see avaialble particles.


December 1, 2017

RcaTheme Post Plugin extend Joomla default article editor to make blogging easy with existing Joomla article system. It works along with the RcaTheme Elements Atom.

Support Post Type:

  • Joomla default Image
  • Image Gallery (Enable Owl Carousel from RcaTheme Elements Atom)
  • YouTube Video (Enable Player from RcaTheme Elements Atom)
  • Vimeo Video (Enable Player from RcaTheme Elements Atom)
  • Audio (iframe)

post plugin min


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